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How do you express your anger?
  • a

    I yell at people

  • b

    I throw stuff around or punch walls

  • c

    I gaslight everybody, so they’re mad too

  • d

    I just try to talk about my emotions


Question 1: How do you express your anger?

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All animatronics are spooky, but which one is as eerie as your inner darkness? Take this automatonophobia-inducing quiz to find out.

What is animatronic?

Have you ever thought about who came up with the first animatronic? I mean, seriously, what kind of mind dreams up something that eerie? Call me automatonophobic or whatever, but animatronics give me major goosebumps.

Take Sparko the Robot Dog, for example. Back in 1939, this supposedly harmless “robot” ended up chasing a car and got flattened—talk about a ghostly dog tale.

And then there’s the ghost of Lincoln at Disneyland. People swear they’ve seen his animatronic wandering around and chatting after hours when it’s supposed to be powered down. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

But hey, despite all this, wouldn’t you want to know which creepy animatronic could be your twin in a twisted alternate universe? If you’re into stuff like Tales from the CryptKeeper and your go-to game is Five Nights at Freddy’s, you’ve probably pondered this before.

Take this animatronic quiz

Well, guess what? We’ve whipped up a quick—but kind of eerie—personality quiz that’ll uncover which unsettling robotic puppet from movies, games, and TV shows matches your vibe.

No matter how sweet and innocent you seem, there’s a glitchy, withered animatronics lurking inside, fueled by your darkest emotions. Ready to uncover this spooky side? Take the Scary Animatronic Quiz and meet your freaky puppet counterpart today. 👻


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