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If you were an ancient hero, what would be your favorite weapon?
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    Bare hands

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Question 1: If you were an ancient hero, what would be your favorite weapon?

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If you are curious to find an answer for, what mythical creature am I? take this 20-question folklore-driven quiz to find out. Your personality reveals your inside creature.

A Strange Quiz to Discover Your Mythical Creature

You should answer a set of myth-themed psychological questions to determine what type of legendary creature resembles you. But there is a catch. During some parts of the quiz, you play the role of a folklore hero fighting and killing these mysterious beings. The way you interact with them, your weapon choices, along your feelings will expose your perfect match.

The basis of the test is similar to discovering your Spirit Animal. However, the style is different. You need to slaughter the creature within you to unleash it.

Using Four Distinct Categories and 15+ Creatures

Your big question (probably) is, “What mythical creature am I?” But keep in mind that almost all ancient cultures have their own folklore stories, legends, and, therefore, fictional beings. So, your region and belief system change the answer to the said question.

We included four of the most inspiring traditions to make the test more accurate. Below is a list of all the legends we used.

Greek Mythology

The word “myth” has become interchangeable with Greek folklore. That is because their stories and legends have been vastly adapted and used in the entertainment industry. You know the names of at least a couple of Greek Gods, and you are probably familiar with a bunch of their legendary animals. That is why we included the majority of their folklore beings in our Mythical Quiz.

Arabian Mythology

Arabs’ folklore fairytales are deeply connected with their predominant religious belief, Islam. Creatures such as Jinn and Qareen got popularized through works of art and literature such as Arabian Nights and One Thousand One Night.

Norse Mythology

Many people who ask, “What mythical creature am I?” would love to match Nordic beings. That is because they usually have cool and distinct looks. Fenrir, for example, is a well-known wolf-like hybrid that has made its way into modern video games and movies due to its desirable appearance.

Celtic Mythology

The religion of the Iron Age Celts includes lots of legendary animals and beings. Although they are not as popular as their Greek counterparts, Celtic mythical creatures are pretty admirable. Leannán Sídhe, for instance, is a fairy lover who usually wanders around cemeteries. And her goal is to find men who lost their wives and are looking for another lover.

3 Simple Ways to Find Out What Creature You Are

You might still be wondering, “What creature am I?” So, here are three easy-to-use methods to find your folklore animal counterpart in no time.

#1: Using Your Star Sign

The time of your birth can identify which mythical creature you are. Astrologists have created lists of attributes and traits of each zodiac sign, matching them with the descriptions of legendary beings. So, you can find out which one resembles you just by looking up your star sign. (Use the following table to do so).

Your Mythical Creature Star Sign
Dragon Aries
Dryad Taurus
Fairy Gemini
Werewolf Cancer
Sphinx Leo
Unicorn Virgo
Sylph Libra
Phoenix Scorpio
Centaurs Sagittarius
Elf Capricorn
Undine Aquarius
Mermaid Pisces

Note: The above method does not consider your personality. So, the best option is still taking a comprehensive test if you want a deeper and more accurate analysis.

#2: Your Personality Type

Your characteristics from an excellent tool to find your mythical match. So, the type of person you are can help with discovering the legendary being within you. However, the said method has a downside. And the problem here is you need to be familiar with the famous folklore beings’ features to find your counterpart.

Not many people have enough information about such stuff to find their soulmate. So, it might not be a good idea if you are new to the topic. (See the next item instead).

#3: Taking a Test

One of the most convenient ways to discover your mythical creature is by taking a quiz. The test on this page is an example of such a questionary that uses psychological tricks to reveal your inner fairytale twin.

Are any of the Legendary Animals Real? (Probably Yes!)

Strangely, some scientific evidence shows that mythical creatures might not be a result of pure imagination. And there might be real-world happenings that made ancient people create these sorts of beings. Below you see five fairytale mortals that could be real—sort of.

· Dracula

Scientists suggest that an illness called Porphyria can cause extreme skin reactions to sunlight. And it can also lead to gum issues, making some of the patient’s teeth longer than others. Many believe that the said sickness was why Vampires (aka Dracula) became a thing in fairytales.

· Dragon

A theory suggests that ancient people probably came across fossilized bones of dinosaurs, believing what they see are the skeletons of dragons.

· Kraken

Giant squids are possibly the reason ancient sailors believed in Kraken, a large sea monster similar to a giant cephalopod.

You Are Ready to Face Your Inner Creature

The big question is still there, “What mythical animal are you?” Take the test now to find out the answer in less than five minutes. We analyze your personality to discover which fairytale character matches you.


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