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Which one better describes your laughter?
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Question 1: Which one better describes your laughter?

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Whether it’s Godwin’s Law or the Dancing Baby, your personality matches at least one of these iconic internet memes. Time to meme-ify yourself with a quiz!

Ever thought about which meme sums up your life and personality? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve gone as far as you have to create a personality quiz just for that. “Which Meme Are You” is a quick 15-question test designed to pinpoint the meme that best represents you.

It’s wild how memes have taken over the internet. As for where it all started, some say it was the Godwin’s Law meme, with its edgy Nazi reference. Others think it was the Dancing Baby GIF back in ‘96 that kicked off the whole meme craze.

But honestly, who cares about the origins? We’re just here to match you with an iconic meme. Don’t you want to know which one you are? Go ahead, hit that start button, and brace yourself for the truth—or maybe a laugh.

And in case you’re wondering, we’ve done our homework on these classic memes. We’ve dug into the depths of places like Know Your Meme and Urban Dictionary for all the deets. (Think of them as the Oxford and Cambridge of the meme culture, so you know we’re legit.)

Quick side note: If you find yourself spending over 90% of your time on memes, you might want to check out the Chronically Online Quiz. It helps you figure out if you’ve fallen into the trap of endless scrolling on social media.