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What is the key to living a happy life?
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    Peace of mind

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    Life is never happy


Question 1: What is the key to living a happy life?

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If you want to know what color is your soul, this psychic quiz helps you read your soul and discover its color. Is your spirit red, yellow, black, or else?

A Psychic-Level Soul Color Quiz

The test here is a set of twenty questions to read your soul and reveal its true color. It analyzes your personality to determine what hue your essence is and what it means.

What does soul reading mean?

Soul Reading is a spiritual process to find the purpose of your spirit. The reading session might include prophecy, healing, inspiration, and astrology. But the goal is to clear blockages and unleash your energy and creativity.

Discover what color your soul is.

The premise of the test is to answer questions like, “What color is my soul?” It is not a casual personality quiz as it considers psychic aspects of your life. You can take the Color Personality Test to get a standard overview and match.

Get to know your soul level.

Your life essence can be Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Generally, the brighter the color is, the less advanced your soul is. Since a spirit is a form of light, and light is a combination of all colors, the most advanced souls tend to be violet—the last hue on the spectrum.

The quiz can analyze your personality to expose the level of your spiritual energy.

Receive a personality analysis based on your soul.

The big question is, “What color is your spirit?” But the quiz on this page does more than answer that. You get a free and comprehensive character breakdown that explains why your life essence has a particular hue.

How Does Soul Color Test Differ from Aura Quiz?

During the Aura Quiz, it is your life energy that is being analyzed. And it reveals the color of the different layers of energy surrounding you. However, the Soul Color Quiz focuses on the inner essence of your existence, revealing its hue and level.

No one can see the color of your spirit. However, a psychic might be able to see your aura and determine its shade.

The Meaning Behind Your Soul Color

Each shade signifies a meaning. For example, Red represents passion, sexuality, and anger. Blue implies freedom, spirituality, and humanistic ideas.

Color Soul
Red Energy
Orange Self-control
Yellow Optimistic
Green Peaceful
Blue Spiritual
Indigo Benevolence
Pink Love
Gray Depression
Brown Greed
Black Lethargy
White Balance



According to a well-known psychic medium, Craig Hamilton-Parker, “A red soul is passionate.” He suggests that this color signifies energy. But it can also represent anger.

People with red spirits are compassionate and enthusiastic. They fall in love fast and want to live their lives to their best. However, it is usually easy to irritate them.


As a combination of red and yellow, orange souls signify change and concentration. If your life essence is orange, you are going through a journey to find your true path. The color also indicates you are a sociable and friendly person.

You are a perfect balance between the energy of a red soul and the creative aspect of a yellow one. And that makes you a rather artistic person.


If you ask a creative and imaginative person, “What color is your soul?” they would most likely say it is yellow. The hue represents optimism, inspiration, and intellectual abilities. If you are in this category, you are an innovative person who is never short of ideas.


A green soul is all about peace of mind. It is a symbol of nature, healing, and balance. If that is the color of your spirit, you are a calm and laidback individual. But the good thing is that your peaceful energy is contagious, affecting those around you positively.

Having this type of energy also means you are sensitive. You might not let anger control your actions. But sadness usually finds its way into your thoughts and interferes with your serenity.


A blue soul is a symbol of being free-spirited and divine. People with this energy type are big-thinkers full of humanistic ideas.


When asked, “What color is your soul?” many psychics and mediums would love to say it is purple. That is because it implies extreme spirituality, deep understanding, and psychic powers. Violet is the last color in the spectrum. And it is believed that only the most advanced souls have this hue.


If your life essence is white, you are pure and perfect. The color also implies perfect balance as white light combines all the shades in the spectrum.


Few people would like to admit that their life energy is black when asked, “What color is your soul?” That is because it indicates depression and illnesses. If your spirit is black, you are probably struggling with mental health issues.

Things to Know About the Soul Color Quiz

There is no accurate answer to “What color is your soul?” That is because no one can see it. However, as the most advanced psychics say, your mental state affects your life energy. So, it is possible to have a reliable guess about your spirit shade based on your personality and lifestyle.

Many suggest that if you meditate correctly, you could discover what color your soul is on your own. But that requires significant training. Taking an actual quiz like the one on this page is the fastest way to achieve a trustworthy answer.