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First off, What was the name of this beautiful girl that Joey met in England?
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Question 1: First off, What was the name of this beautiful girl that Joey met in England?

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This amazing Friends Trivia Quiz can challenge its real fans. This hard Friends Quiz has questions with answers about this TV series, its characters, and facts.

Friends! When you hear it, only one thing comes to mind. The greatest sitcom of all time. The life of six young men and women living in Manhattan and their day-to-day lives. After more than 16 years since the last episodes’ airing day, Friends is one of the best-selling series on YouTube! Apart from this, Friends has been nominated and got many awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe.

Friends series is the story of six friends named Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, and others like Gunter and Ursula. They live close by and have adventures on a daily base. The theme song, “I’ll be there for you,” can describe the whole story. Being there for each other, being friends, and, most importantly, growing up.

So, it is obvious that this series has hardcore fans all around the world. Usually, these fans claim to know every detail about these series, and they started creating several trivia quizzes and challenged their friends through Friends Trivia Quiz.

The great thing about the Friends Trivia Quiz is that it challenges you in all possible ways regarding the Friends series. This particular show has more than 230 episodes, making Friends trivia vibrant and fun, of course.

Friends Trivia Quiz

Taking this Friends quiz is a fun way to test the knowledge of your friends about the whole series. This Friends Trivia Quiz is rated E for being extreme. Besides, the Friends quiz can help you increase your understanding of the entire show. That’s right! You will be surprised many times during the quiz.

Hard Friends Quiz

As mentioned earlier, this is not an ordinary quiz! In this hard Friends quiz, there are questions that you will struggle to find or even guess the answer to. In this part of the Friends quiz, you will see items you have not seen before. You will probably ask yourself, “was this real?”. This quiz takes things to the Extreme Friends Quiz level. This quiz is so hard that you will want to re-watch the whole series.

Friends Trivia Facts

This is the bonus part of the Friends Trivia quiz. Only the most hardcore fans can get a good score (yet not a 100% perfect score). This quiz can be used to challenge your friends or partners. You can have a great time playing this quiz. You probably think you know or remember all the facts, but let us tell you that it may not be entirely accurate. The only way to find out is to take this Friends quiz with answers and compare your scores to others.

Final Word

Friends Trivia is a summary of all episodes in a package. Questions are designed to challenge your knowledge of the whole series. This Friends quiz with answers is just as fun as watching the entire thing.

So everyone loves Friends, and everyone who loves challenges will love this Friends quiz. To spice up things a little bit, we made it an Extreme Friends Trivia. Our findings show that more than 70% of the fans cannot get a perfect score. We don’t blame the fans. It’s a long comedy (236 episodes), and all of the episodes are somehow long. The number of characters is not small. Besides the main characters (Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Monica), many other characters appear in very few episodes.

So a lot is going on in the show, and most importantly, it’s a comedy; this means you laugh watching it, and when you smile, you close your eyes, which makes it easier not to see the details. We hope the same happens when you take this Friends quiz. Call your Friends and get comfy and try to be better than that 70% who couldn’t get the perfect score on this quiz.

Her name was Felicity !First off, What was the name of this beautiful girl that Joey met in England? 1