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Let’s start with your heigh. How tall are you?
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    About 5 feet

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    Less than 5 feet

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    About 5.5 feet

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    I'd rather not say (skip)


Question 1: Let’s start with your heigh. How tall are you?

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This prom dress quiz is an expert tool that helps you find your perfect evening style. It reveals what you should wear based on your personality and dreams.

The Prom Dress Quiz You Need to Look Gucci

Why would one need a freaky test to choose a prom dress, you might ask? Well, according to JOVANI, 15% of teenagers think prom is as important as their wedding night. So, yeah, online tools might help reduce stress.

But seriously, our quiz is designed for those who struggle with choosing the PERFECT dress—not just a random piece of cloth.

The results include expert tips on what to wear for this special night. Plus, you receive hints on how to make your dress look even more glamourous.

Get Ideas Based on Your Body Type

Those Lays, Oreos, and Cheetos will affect your prom dress. (Just kidding). The best way to choose the right gown is to know your shape. Here is a Body Type Quiz that might come in handy.

The Prom Dress Test concludes what your type is before suggesting any options.

The 5 main body types in the test

Shape Best Dress Style
Rectangular Two-piece with high volume at the bottom half
Inverted triangle Plain top with a patterned bottom
Hourglass Figure-hugging/tight around the hips
Rounded Princes
Pear Skirted dress with a focus on the top half


It’s a Legit Prom Dress Style Generator

A recent study by Pulse of Prom shows that more than 90 girls out of 100 wear a long dress to the high school dance party. AND 80 to 95 of them actually wear V-neckline gowns.

So, choosing the perfect style is challenging—especially when you hate to have hundreds of Twinsies around.

The cool thing about the Prom Dress Quiz is that it offers creative styles. So, you will definitely have more options than just, say, long v-neckline stuff.

What Color Should Your Prom Dress Be? We Got You

Here comes another fun fact. Most students wear blue or red evening gowns to their prom. That’s probably why most girls look they’re a high school musical character or something.

Anyways, you get the point. Prom gown color matters. And that’s why our test comes up with expert-level advice on choosing the right shades.

Things the Prom Dress Quiz Checks

You are probably like, “What prom dress should I wear?” But finding the answer is not that easy. One creative option is to wear your mom’s high school gown and join the TikTok trend. Another option is taking a genuine online quiz like the one on this page, especially when you’re an ‘OK, Boomer’ type of girl.

Our quiz is accurate and reliable because it considers the following factors.

· Your height

Average girls can wear both long and short dresses. But as YouTuber Fabulous Hannah suggests, “go short if you’re short, and go long if you’re tall.” If somehow that sounds too complicated, let out Prom Dress Quiz decide.

· Your makeup and jewelry

The most rational way to go is to choose your gown before deciding on your makeup and accessories. But some like to go the other way. That is why our quiz considers the type of cosmetics and pieces of jewelry you like. TBH, it makes our results more accurate.

· Your hairstyle

Some girls are like, “What color should I dye my hair?” or “what haircut suits my dress?” when the prom is, like, in two hours. Taking the Prom Dress Quiz helps you to avoid falling into the same category. We would like to know what hairstyles you like before suggesting any gowns.

· Your budget

Okay, here comes the last fun fact. USA families spend about $1,000 on prom dresses, pieces of jewelry, corsages, etc. So, yeah, your financial plans for the last night of high school matter. Since we don’t want to see you go broke before having a career, you will only receive results that match your bank account balance.

· The prom’s theme

If what you see on TikTok is true, your school might throw a crazy-themed party this year. But even if they don’t, you still want to consider the theme when choosing your perfect prom dress.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Prom Dress

Here’s the ultimate tip, get a designer dress and catch everyone’s eyes. (Okay, just messing with you). These are some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for the last day of high school.

#1: Department stores are a thing.

Some stores like Macy’s have a specific PROM SECTION, which would filter your options. But we recommend you to head to these department stores as well: Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, and Bloomingdale’s.

#2: Ask for the store’s prom dress log!

Did you know that elite stores actually write down the names of people who buy prom dresses? That’s one way for you to find out if any other girl in your school has bought the gown you chose. You can simply ask the owners about the dress logs and look for familiar girl names or even your school name.

#3: Bring a camera and a friend or two.

Your current existential question is, “What should I wear to prom?” But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are going to be cameras flashing, like, everywhere. So, you need to make sure you look good on every freaking angle.

That’s why bringing cameras, and your squad to shopping comes in handy. You let them take pictures of you ahead, so you are aware of the upcoming disaster’s extent.

#4: Don’t forget the rental shops and drift stores.

Let’s say you took the Prom Dress Quiz, and you liked the results. But the evening gowns you picked are too expensive. Should you go EMO and boycott the party? Or are there any other options? Well, here’s the thing. You can always rent your gown instead of buying it. Plus, you can head to a drift shop and find extremely affordable deals.

Prom is about having one last fun dance with your friends. Don’t make it a Great Gatsby type of conflict.

#5: Keep the 20/80 rule in mind.

One piece of expert advice is to put 80% of your dress’ focus on the area you’re confident about. Let’s say you have beautiful shoulders. But you’re a bit insecure about your hips. If that’s the case, choose a prom dress that keeps others’ eyes up. (Does that make any sense? We hope it does. It’s a legit dressing rule, though).


Quiz Disclaimer

Since most guys wear suits to prom, we thought this quiz would work better for girls. But we did our best to keep the questions and results gender-neutral. So, anyone willing to wear dresses to their high school party can participate. Cheers.