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What part of the story matters?
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Question 1: What part of the story matters?

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Do you ask yourself, “How old is my soul?” This spiritual quiz reveals your inner maturity through deep questions. Are you an infant, young, mature, or old soul?

A Quiz That Determines Your Soul Age!

The questionary analyzes twenty factors to come up with an accurate soul age estimation.

It is like a Maturity Test. But it differs in that it focuses on the spiritual aspects of your character. If you are looking for a chronological estimation, consider using our Age Calculator Tool instead.

What Do You Mean by “How Old Is Your Soul?

Your soul can age as well as you. When someone asks, “How old is my spirit?” they want to know how developed and advanced it is. The soul age is independent of your chronological maturity, although the two are connected. So, you can grow faster spiritually while remaining physically young.

The premise of the question is similar to mental age concerns. Many believe that you can be mentally more mature or younger than your actual age. The same theory applies to spiritual aspects of one’s personality.

How Does the Soul Age Quiz Work?

The test puts you through different hypothetical situations, analyzing your decisions and choices. The primary objective is to see in what developmental stage your soul is. You provide the quiz with enough information to guess your soul age by responding to all the questions.

The Five Stages of Soul Growth

It is never possible to come up with a solid number when someone asks, “how old is my soul?” However, there are five developmental stages that your spirituality can fit into. Here is what each of them means.


Descriptions: As a child, your soul starts its journey as a newborn. At this stage, all you think about is survival. And you are primarily focused on your current needs. A grownup with an infant soul cannot understand the fact they are not the center of the world.

Goal: Survival is the drive behind most decisions of an infant spirit. Its purpose is to stay alive and keep growing no matter what. That is why it’s concerned with current needs only.

Lesson: The soul should realize that it can see truth through a wide perspective on life. Being occupied with all the temporary desires would never guarantee development and growth.


Descriptions: Few people would expect to see “baby” in their results after asking, “How old is my soul?” However, this is one of the most common results of the test. At this stage, the person is occupied with others. The spirit wants to adapt to the world and its rules to gain approval.

Goal: A baby soul’s goal is to blend in with society. Its goal is to become a valuable part of the family and all the other social groups.

Lesson: The growth happens when the soul realizes that not all values come from others’ approval. It should recognize that other important aspects of life require the same attention.


Descriptions: At this stage, the spirit is ambitious, materialistic, and energetic. It is experimenting with free will, making bold decisions, and setting high achievement standards.

It is pretty likely that you will see this one in the quiz result like most people who ask, “How old is my soul?” That is because it is one of the primary stages of soul growth. And most individuals find it extremely difficult to pass this level and enter maturity.

Goal: All a young soul cares about is independence and success. Its goal is to secure a safe place for itself and create the life it deserves.

Lesson: The spirit should acknowledge materialistic ideas will not guarantee happiness and peace of mind. While independence is a must, it is not the whole point of life.


Descriptions: This is the stage where the soul is asking more profound inward questions like, “Who am I?” It seeks spirituality, connection, and relation. A mature soul tries to understand others instead of running away from them.

When someone asks, “How old is my soul?” they probably like to hear that it is mature. Achieving this level of spiritual development is challenging, though.


Goal: Since a mature soul is already independent, it seeks connections. The goal is to be empathetic towards others, trying to understand their emotions objectively.

Lesson: With maturity comes regret. However, an old soul should know that past mistakes have been a crucial part of its journey.


Descriptions: An old soul seeks completion. It had already experienced independence. Now, it wants to pass the porch and complete its journey successfully.

This is the rarest result one could see in the Soul Age Quiz. That is because achieving this level of spiritual development takes a lot of time.

Goal: The soul aims for completion. The goal is to find balance and use the knowledge it has acquired to help the young souls.

Lesson: The journey of a soul is endless. So, the old spirit should be aware that there is no certain ‘completion point’ in life. And new stories emerge every day—even if it is your last day on earth.

Soul Age Purpose
Infant Survival
Baby Adaptation
Young Independence
Mature Connection
Old Completion


The Accuracy of the Test Explained

There is no definite answer to questions like, “How old is my soul?” Although the quiz is designed to answer that, its accuracy relies on your responses. The more honest your responses are, the more precise the results will get.


QuizExpo does not mean to label you as ‘old,’ ‘young,’ or ‘baby.’ The terms used to describe your soul age only refers to the spiritual state you might be in. So, please, take the results lightly.