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How often do you come up with an inside joke?
  • a

    Pretty often

  • b

    It depends on who I’m hanging out with

  • c

    Not that often


Question 1: How often do you come up with an inside joke?

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Here’s a test to see if you’re actually funny. Are you secretly hilarious, or are people laughing at your jokes out of pity?

Want to gauge how funny you are? We’ve got a brutally honest quiz just for that. While your friends might be too kind to critique your jokes, we’re not holding back. Well, that is, if you’re someone who might not be the funniest person around. Think of this as your own private open mic where we’re going to assess your humor based on your natural reactions, not your rehearsed punchlines.

If you’re curious about how the test operates, here’s the breakdown: we’ve pinpointed five subtle indicators of being funny and crafted a personality quiz around them.

Feeling a bit lazy—or let’s say, “busy”—to take the quiz? No worries, we’ve got you covered with five self-assessment questions to ponder to see if you’re truly a riot:

  • Do I elicit “false” laughter?

If folks unintentionally chuckle after your serious comments, you might just be funny. It’s like they expect humor, so they laugh before you even say anything amusing.

  • Do people randomly assume I’m down in the dumps?

Funny folks often hear, “You okay?” even when they’re fine. When you’re known for your humor, any hint of seriousness can raise concerns. Friends are used to your constant wit, so a slight shift in demeanor makes them think the worst.

  • Do others frequently recall my jokes?

If people love to reminisce about your funniest moments, you’re probably genuinely funny. When your jokes become everyone’s favorite anecdotes, you’ve got that comedic charm.

  • Are my catchphrases adopted by friends?

Witty individuals are catchphrase creators. If your pals are always quoting your hilarious phrases, you’re definitely funny, and your sense of humor is original.

  • Do others pass me the mic?

In a group, funny folks get handed the spotlight. If people turn to you for laughs by asking, “What’s your take?” after a funny moment, they’re waiting for your witty perspective to make them laugh even harder.

If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions, you might just be a naturally funny person. No need to take the test—consider yourself a certified comic! But if you’re still unsure and want that extra reassurance, go ahead and take the quiz to confirm that you’ve got that funny rizz in you.