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How often do you catch random people staring at you when you are looking away?
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    Like, all the time

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    Once in a while

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    Rarely. People don’t look at me.


Question 1: How often do you catch random people staring at you when you are looking away?

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Do you ask yourself, “how attractive am I?” Take this beauty and psychology quiz to find out the answer. You are 20 questions away from a charisma analysis.

An Attractiveness Quiz That Does NOT Care How You Look

The test does not require you to upload your selfies. Instead, it analyzes twenty psychological and social factors to determine if you are attractive or not. So, the main criterion here is the way others react to your appeal. (See below).

Understand how attractive you are by reporting others’ reactions.

According to Frontiers in Robotics and AI research, “The internal representation that people create of their own body is highly inaccurate.” You usually perceive yourself as unattractive despite the opposing signs. That is why people are surprised to see the results on our Beautiful or Ugly Quiz.

So, the Attractiveness Test relies mainly on the signals you receive from the outside world—rather than your judgments. That makes the results more reliable and even more realistic.

Get a 0 to 10 hotness score.

A perk of taking the ‘How Attractive Am I Test’ is that you get scored. The results let you know what score you are out of ten after evaluating the signals you receive.

Note: QuizExpo does not support any sexualization or discrimination against people because of their looks. And the scoring system is designed to avoid that.

See why you are attractive.

Your biggest question might be, “Am I attractive?” or “How hot do I look?” But assuming you are very charismatic, wouldn’t you want to know the reason behind it? Our quiz can give you a breakdown of why you received a particular result.

The Myth of Compliments and Attractiveness

One thing you need to know before asking “How attractive am I?” is this: The better you look, the fewer compliments you receive. It is a misconception that good-looking people are complimented all the time. Contrarily, people avoid too many praises around hot individuals, assuming that they already know that—or are tired of hearing it.

You Are Most Attractive When You Are a 1.6

If you are as attractive as a 1.6 face, you could be a model. That number shows your face length/width ratio, meaning that its length is 1 ½ longer than its width. Of course, few people have those particular measurements. But the general rule is that the closer you are to the Golden Ratio, the better you look.

5 Obvious Signs You Are a Good-Looking Person

You are here to find out how attractive you are. But before that, here are five subtle signs of being a hottie without even noticing it.

#1: You receive lots of random smiles.

Smiling has lots of different meanings. But when strangers smile at you for no particular reason, well, you look fantastic. Psychologists believe that most of these random smiles are unintentional—as our brain does that when watching something cute, enjoyable, or appealing.

#2: Your DMs are full.

The number of messages you receive can imply how attractive you are. Psychologically speaking, people tend to talk more to beautiful and charming individuals. So, those Story replies and suspicious “Heyyyys” on Snapchat convey something, you look good.

#3: No one gets your insecurity.

A subtle sign of being attractive is that you cannot complain about your look around others. They just would not get it. They might snap back at you and remind you how stupid your insecurities are because you are freaking beautiful.

#4: You get so many personal questions.

You know you are extremely attractive when you cannot get rid of the probing questions of others. It is like you are being interviewed. Psychologists believe that asking personal questions is a sign of attraction.

#5: People copy your style and manners.

Copycats like to hang around attractive individuals. Studies show that we all tend to imitate behaviors and even the speech style of people that we find appealing. So, welcome to the disappointed copycats club.

The good news is that if more people copy you than you do others, you are on top of the attraction hierarchy.

Why People Ask Things Like, “How Attractive Am I?”

According to, “The physical attractiveness stereotype is the tendency to perceive physically attractive people as intelligent, talented, confident, well-liked, and honest.” So, it is not just about looking good. It is about so many other desirable features that we associate with appearance. That is why people devastatingly want to know how desirable they are in terms of beauty and style.


QuizExpo does not support any kind of labeling, favoritism, or discrimination. The ‘How Attractive Am I Quiz’ is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or call them unattractive. It is only a fun test to see what parts of your style, personality, and body might appeal to others. So, please, take the results lightly, and enjoy.