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Your friend wants to break up with their girl/boyfriend because they didn’t receive a valentine’s gift. What do you
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    It sounds weird. But I respect their decision

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    You should never do that

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    Gifts are stupid, anyway


Question 1: Your friend wants to break up with their girl/boyfriend because they didn’t receive a valentine’s gift. What do you think?

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This common sense test reveals how good you are in terms of basic everyday knowledge. Let’s see how you make decisions to solve everyday issues.

What Is a Common Sense Test?

Most quizzes generally reveal how you can use good judgment to solve everyday problems. However, you can find two different types of questionnaires online. (See below).

Trivia Tests

These are the exams that assess how good of a problem-solver you are. The questions are primarily brainteaser type of thing. And they urge you to think out of the box.

Personality Quizzes

Some online questionaries focus on your characteristics. So, they evaluate how you comprehend/deal with everyday events based on who you are.

Do You Have Any Common Sense? Let the Test Answer

You are about to answer 15 personality-related questions regarding common sense. So, by the end of the test, you know whether you are a commonsensical person or not. Moreover, the results tell you how your judgment forms who you are.

Here is an example. You have two judges in two different countries; one is Muslim, and the other is Christine. You ask them to inspect the case of an 18-year-old girl arrested for DUI (aka drunk driving).

The Muslim judge will find two felonies in the case: drinking alcohol and drunk driving. That is because in most Muslim countries common belief is that drinking alcohol is a criminal act.

That is the Christine judge will only see one offense—which is DUI.

4 Reasons You Need to Take the Commonsense Quiz

Taking a common sense test is not vital. That is a fact. However, it can suggest fascinating insight into how you see the world. Below are the four reasons why you need this quiz.

It reveals how reliable you are

It is believed that commonsensical people are better at dealing with everyday issues. And that makes them reliable. The test on this page assesses that. It exposes how good (or bad) you might be regarding problems.

It shows how much you believe in superstition

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think that there is going to be an afterlife? What about demons? Do you think they exist? Suppose the majority of society believes in something unreal. In that case, there is a higher chance that the next generations of that particular society share the same belief—regardless of its unreasonableness.

You can evaluate that by taking the standard test on this page. The questions are designed to determine if the environment you grew up in has given any superstitious stuff to you.

It tells if your community loves you

People with higher common sense levels are likely to be more prevalent in society. That is because they have more similar beliefs to most of the population. And humans favor those who are comparable to themselves.

Our common sense quiz reveals how admired or accepted you might be in your community due to your commonsensical personality.

It assesses your problem-solving skill

Good judgment is what makes you a better problem-killer. According to popular belief, those with better horse sense are natural convergent thinkers. That is why the common sense test also evaluates your problem-solving powers.

The Problem with Being a Commonsense-Oriented Individual

“Common sense is what we rely on to navigate concrete everyday situations,” says Duncan Watts in a 2011 TED Talk. He believes that humans need this concept to cope with their ordinary difficulties. However, Duncan also believes that too much reliance on it could affect your judgment in the wrong way.

“The problem is that we use common sense for not concrete everyday stuff, too.” And that miss leads us. According to Duncan, “We generalize stories to make predictions based on them.” While learning from our previous experiences is vital, overgeneralizing them does more harm than good.

So, the problem with being a common-sense-oriented person is the lack of supple thinking.

As Duncan says, “Post hoc explanations only tell us what happened. They never reveal why it happened.” That is why you should not entirely rely on them.

What Is the Best Result I Can Get from the Common-Sense Quiz?

You know what common sense is, but you do not rely on it for every problem in your life. That is the best result you can get from such a quiz. It means that you can make rational judgments regarding your community’s mutual beliefs. However, you do not use them as a runbook for your entire life. Eventually, such an approach makes you more reliable and sturdy when it comes to problem-solving.

What Is Wrong with Other Online Tests?

Most common sense quizzes have right or wrong answers. That means they are more of a competition than a real personality assessment. Such tests might present mind-scratching questions, claiming that “only people with high common sense can answer this.”

However, that is not the right approach. You cannot evaluate good judgment based on riddles and brainteasers.

Things to Know Before Taking the Questionary

There are so many myths around this topic, as with many similar topics. So, here are the most important things to have in mind before taking the common sense test.

It is not a set of written rules

Good judgment and rationality depend on many external and internal factors. An act of respect in one society could easily be interpreted as another insult. Your family morals might be in contrast to what your society suggests. And there is no particular book of rules for you to refer to when it comes to common sense.

There is no correct answer

You do not need to look for the right answer during the common sense quiz. You just need to select the option that makes the most sense.

It is not the same as EQ

Some believe that the common-sense test is similar to an Emotional Intelligence Quiz. But that is not correct. EQ is the ability to understand, manage, and benefit from your and others’ feelings. That is common sense is the basic knowledge and reasoning you need to solve everyday issues.

Common-Sense Examples to Understand It Better

“Does Britain have the 4th of July?” or “Which month has 28 days?” These are the types of questions you might come across during online tests. However, they are not good examples of what common sense is. Below you will find two scenarios that explain the topic better.

Scenario #1: The Elevator Paradox

You are in the elevator with four other people. A guy who has a black suitcase runs towards you, shouting, “Hold it for me!” And you do so. He is now in the elevator with you. But wait, he is facing you and others. He is literally in front of you with a weird smile. And you do not know how to react as the situation is awkward.

Well, that is an example of common sense in our society. You think that it is weird to face others when you are in an elevator. But do you have any concrete reason for that? It is only because you “think” that it is not okay.

Scenario #2: The Concert Rules

You and your friends are at a concert. But you see an older lady in a black suit with a brown suitcase standing in the middle of the crowd, doing nothing. She is watching the performers like she is a spy or something. You and your friends find it strange. The way she is dressed does not match the environment, right?

But think about it again. What makes you think wearing such a dress to a concert is abnormal? Did they teach that to you in your school? Have you read guidebooks on wearing the right dress for a concert? Or is it more like an unwritten rule that you and the majority of people you know follow?

Well, that is a solid example of common sense. You know some things are right or wrong without any concrete reason. And the fact is that people around you (or in your society) share the same set of unrecorded principles with you.