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During a casual conversation with a friend, who do you talk about the most?
  • a

    No one specific (it depends)

  • b

    I usually prefer to listen

  • c

    I talk about myself

  • d

    I don’t like talking (so, no one)


Question 1: During a casual conversation with a friend, who do you talk about the most?

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Am I Boring? Do you want to know if you are a boring person or not, and why? This 20-question psychological quiz exposes dull personality types in no time.

Who Is Boring?

In general, a boring person has a dull personality who lacks enthusiasm in speech and is overly serious or banal.

However, each individual might have their unique definition of ‘uninteresting.’ So you might seem tedious to one and enthusiast to another.

Take a Scientific Quiz to Find Out if You Are Boring

This is a definitive test for people asking themselves, “Am I boring?” The goal is to identify if you have any dominating traits that could make you seem dull.

Fundamentally, it is similar to our popular test, ‘Am I Stupid?’ However, this one is more of a personality quiz with analytical results.

How Does it Work?

To find out if you are a boring person, we need to inspect your traits, beliefs, and experiences. The test has three main sections to extract the required information for the final analysis. Here is everything you need to know about each phase.

Vibe check

‘Boring’ has a socially accepted definition. People find you uninteresting if you cannot keep up with the “current ambiance.” So, in the first section, you need to pass a vibe check simulator.

Behavior analysis

Psychologists have determined the most boring behaviors. (See below for more on that). The Boring Person Quiz will investigate your traits, matching them to the red flag list to deliver the most accurate results. You might be declared a dull person if your personality is a 40% or above match to the said list.

Personality type review

For many, the big question is, “Do I have a dull personality?” So, we included character analysis questions in the test to answer such questions, too. The results reveal what is wrong with you and what type of person you are.

You Are a Boring Person if You Have 3 of These Traits

Mark Leary and his colleagues deciphered humans’ nine most boring traits in a 1986 article, “Boredom in interpersonal encounters.” Having three or more of the following characteristics indicates that you have a dull personality.

#1: You always talk about your problems.

Negative egocentrism is the key feature of any boring personality type. According to Dr. Mark’s research, people instantly feel jaded when interacting with self-concerned individuals.

#2: You talk about the same old topics over and over again.

One way to know if you are boring is by rethinking your interest and passions. Do you happen to talk about certain subjects all the time? If yes, others might find you uninteresting.

#3: You are not enthusiastic.

Acting like a bored person makes you seem dull and unexciting. People want to see and feel you are an enthusiast about life.

#4: You talk in slow motion.

Speaking monotonously and slowly makes you a boring person. People lose interest when listening to your deadpan speech.

#5: You don’t have any opinions.

Before asking yourself, “Am I boring?” think about how active you are in social situations. Passivity is one of the key features of dull personalities.

#6: You are a narcissist.

We already created a Narcissist Test to identify such people. But if you happen to be one, you are boring. People tend to find self-centric and self-preoccupied individuals dull and unexciting.

#7: You have no sense of humor.

You do not have to be funny. But if you are cold-ice serious 24/7, you are boring. The least you can do is to react to others’ humor more openly.

#8: You try to impress others.

Dr. Mark’s study suggests that “Trying to be funny or nice to impress others is another boring trait.”

#9: You are addicted to your phone.

You need to answer this question honestly, “Are you addicted to your phone?” If yes, you are an uninteresting person to most people.

Is Boring a Bad Thing?

No, it is not. As Gustave Flaubert puts it, “Be boring and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” It is fine not to be an interesting person all the time.

You can use boredom in your favor. Some believe that creativity roots in tedium. Blaise Pascal says, “All of humanity’s problems stems from people’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” So, if you are a person who can do so, use it as an advantage. Embrace your boringness to deliver well.

But keep in mind that social interactions are part of life, too. And you cannot expect others to get along with your tediousness. So, it is important to find the balance.

By nature, all humans have interesting and boring sides. The thing is to learn how to present both in a way that helps you connect with more people.

Questions to Ask Instead of, “Am I Boring?”

You are here for answers. And the test will give you that! However, it is wise to think about the following concepts before taking the Boring Person Quiz.

Am I boring or bored?

Sometimes, you are fed up and tired of your life, job, relationships, etc. That might turn you into a dull-looking person. Others might think you are unenthusiastic about everything. But the thing is that you are just bored—and it is temporary.

So, before fearing that you could be a boring person, make sure you are not bored yourself.

Am I boring or shy?

The two concepts are overlapping. For many, shyness equals being dull. But the thing is that many shy individuals are pretty interesting personalities. It is just that they cannot reveal who they are because of timidity.

Am I afraid of being boring?

‘Modern Boredom’ is a new term that introduces the idea of ‘fear of not being interesting.’ In the modern world where everything is made to look exciting, it is easy to wonder, am I boring? So, before taking the test, think about what being dull or unexciting means to you.

Does that scare you? If yes, you are struggling with a modern issue that millions (if not billions) of others face.