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Why do you think Doraemon is adorable? 5

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Question: Why do you think Doraemon is adorable?

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Hey, otakus, which Doraemon character are you? This 20-question manga-inspired and original quiz reveal if you are Nobita, Shizuka, Doraemon, or else.

Doraemon Character Quiz Explained

The test is a set of questions about Doraemon anime and manga events. Its goal is to discover which Doraemon franchise personality is similar to you.

Unlike our Amazing Anime Quiz, you don’t have to look for the correct answer. We analyze your responses to figure out which student, robot, or parent you might represent in real life.

Discover your perfect match.

The quiz includes a massive database of the most iconic Doraemon characters. And you have the opportunity to find a personality that is 100% like you. Most other quizzes ask you irrelevant questions that reduce the accuracy of their results. However, here, we ask you Doraemon-related stuff and come up with undeniably precise answers.

Find out what kind of student you would’ve been.

The anime is about many preteen students who struggle with rather extraordinary problems. That’s why the Doraemon quiz uses your responses to come up with your student profile as well. Would you be as lazy as Nobita or as smart and hardworking as Shizuka? Take the test to find out.

Meet the Gakkō student who could’ve been your best friend.

If you were an actual Doraemon character, who would become your bestie? The quiz can match your profile to that of other students to find your possible friends.

And get a FREE personality analysis.

The test’s premise is to answer the big question, “Which Doraemon character are you?” But the analytical process allows us to get to know you along the way. That’s why we offer a persona breakdown, explaining why you matched a specific anime personality and what it means.

Heads Up! You Might Match the Bad Guys

We have added some of the not-so-popular and straight-up villain-ish characters to the quiz results. So, you may end up matching Nekojara or school bullies. It’s all up to you and your responses.

How to Know Which Doraemon Character You Are?

Although the anime has only five main characters, it’s not easy to find your match independently. You have to read the personality description and decide which one you might be similar to. And the thing is that the results might never be as accurate as a genuine Doraemon quiz like the one on this page.

But if that’s not a concern, here’s what you can do to discover your counterpart. Read the following persona breakdowns and see which one you relate to the most. That person/bot is probably your Doraemon character.

#1. Nobita Nobi

As one of the main characters of the anime and manga, Nobita is not your ordinary protagonist. He’s lazy, clumsy, and naughty for the most part. His school life is not something to be proud of, and he dislikes studying. However, Nobita is kindhearted, generous, and considerate as a person. He cares about his friends a lot and wants to protect them no matter what.

Otakus matching Nobita is slightly dependent on their loved ones. But they do their best to be hardworking people and give back to their family/friends.

#2. Shizuka Minamoto

She’s smart, polite, and sweet. Shizuka is the girl that everyone wants to be when asked, “Which Doraemon character are you?” Her kindness is unmatched, and she cares for the weak no matter what. Unlike Nobita, she is also a very good student with excellent grades. It’s also noteworthy that video games and action-oriented activities are not her things.

Matching Shizuka in the Doraemon quiz shows that you are responsible with a strong sense of right and wrong. You hate to break the rules and prefer to keep things under control and plan for the future rather than having an anything-goes attitude.

#3. Doraemon

Despite being a robot, Doraemon is a lovely peacemaker. He wants to help out everyone in need and please his friends. But he’s also rather insecure and timid due to her appearance and backstory as an unsuccessful robot. However, it’s challenging for him to face criticism, and he often bursts out when judged for poor performance.

Taking the Doraemon quiz and matching him is a sing. It indicates that: 1) you’re a huge food lover, and 2) you’re a natural mediator. People rely on you when things get complicated, and you never let them down when they need your help.

#4. Takeshi Gouda

Few fans would say, “I’m Gina,” when asked, “Which Doraemon character are you?” He’s a bully, not aware of his actions and their consequences. Takeshi is usually aggressive and overconfident and doesn’t have many friends in the school. Despite trying, he couldn’t change for the better.

It’s not a pleasant experience to take the Doraemon quiz only to find out that you’re Takeshi. But it’s possible. So, be prepared, especially if you have a history of bullying other kids in school. (Just saying).

Character Age
Doraemon 90
Nobita Nobi 10
Takeshi “Gian” Gouda 10
Suneo Honekawa 10
Shizuka Minamoto 9


The Beauty of Doraemon Quiz in 2022!

It’s been almost 40 years since the very first edition of Doraemon manga was published. But the story is still relevant and popular. The beauty of our personality test is that people with different generations can take it and find an answer to, “Which Doraemon character am I?” No matter how old you are, the questionnaire will provoke nostalgia and help you remember some of your loveliest memories. Plus, the results will definitely entertain you and leave a smile on your lips.


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