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There’s a mysterious app on your phone that you didn’t install. What do you do with it? 5

  • I reset my phone immediately.

  • I ask for a geeky friend’s help.

  • I ignore it.

  • I run the app to see what’s going on.

  • I uninstall the app and forget about it.

  • I investigate the app to see who installed it on my phone.


Question: There’s a mysterious app on your phone that you didn’t install. What do you do with it?

Quiz: Quiz: Which Persona 5 Character Are You? Royal Version

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This personality quiz reveals which Persona 5 character you are. It includes the P5 royal version, too.  Are you Joker, Ryuji, Ann, or else?

Persona 5 Personality Quiz Explained.

It’s a 20-question test to discover which persona 5 character looks like you.

Persona 5 is an anime-inspired video game by Atlus about a group of teenagers, The Phantom Thieves, who fight evil powers manipulating people’s perceptions.

The game is pretty similar to Danganronpa, which also explores the lives of a group of high-schoolers in a supernatural setting.

Discover Your Shin Megami Tensei Character.

Previously marketed as Shin Megami Tensei, Persona 5 has nine main characters and a handful of recurring ones.

The current quiz helps you figure out which Shujin Academy student shares the same characteristics as you.

Learn More About Your Persona in the Metaverse.

In the story, the Phantom Thieves turn into superhero-like characters known as Personas upon entering the Metaverse.

Persona is the embodiment of a rebellion within the soul, representing one’s conscience.

By taking the quiz, you learn what your persona would look like had you lived in the same universe.

Meet Your Persona 5 Kin.

It’s not all about the character you resemble but about your kin.

Persona 5 quiz unveils which red-flag character you kin in the Metaverse.

This is an MBTI-Based Persona 5 Quiz.

We have a database of all the Persona 5 characters’ MBTI types. And your responses determine yours as well.

MBTI comparison is the most accurate method to find your perfect match in the Shin Megami Tensei universe.

If you already know your type, use the following table of the playable characters’ Myers-Briggs Indicator to identify your counterpart.

Character MBTI Persona
Protagonist ENTP Joker
Ryuji Sakamoto ESFP Skull
Ann Takamaki ESFJ Panther
Makoto Niijima ESFJ Queen
Haru Okumura ISFJ Noir
Futaba Sakura INTP Oracle
Yusuke Kitagawa ISFP Fox
Goro Akechi ENTJ Crow


How to Know Which the Phantom Thieves Character You Are?

You can read the characters’ descriptions to see which one you relate to.

#1. Joker:

Also known as Ren Amamiya, Joker is a quiet and well-mannered high-school boy with a keen sense of justice. However, as his Persona, he’s a show-off who might sometimes be overconfident and dramatic.

#2. Ryuji Sakamoto:

Ryuji is the comic relief of the Persona 5 story. He is reckless, rude, and short-tempered. But as a friend, Ryuji is loyal, caring, and protective.

#3: Ann Takamaki:

Despite her mesmerizing beauty, Ann is a humble, kind-hearted, and giving girl. As a student, she’s hardworking and intelligent, leaving no room for her attractiveness to shade her capabilities.

The Test Reveals if Your Persona is Good or Evil.

Heads up! You might match a Persona 5 antagonist.

Not only does the quiz includes all the heroes, but it also has a list of the villains.

It all depends on your responses. You may turn out to be a perfect angel or a pure evil.

Ready to “Take Your Heart?”

Inspired by the game’s campaign, the Persona 5 quiz is your best bet to discover your Shin Megami Tensei lookalike: It’s fun, legit, and accurate.

You’re only 20 questions away from figuring out what type of Persona you’d have if you were a Phantom Thief.


Atlus owns the images in Persona 5 personality quiz, and QuizExpo does not intend copyright infringement.