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Of the following options, which one pisses you off the most? 5

  • Dullness

  • Controlling behavior

  • Acting suspicious

  • Unnecessary arguments

  • Immature behavior

  • Irresponsibility


Question: Of the following options, which one pisses you off the most?

Quiz: Quiz: What's Your Red Flag? 100% Honest Personality Test

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This personality quiz helps your find out what your red flag is. It reveals the red flags you may have in a relationship. The results might surprise you.

The Red Flag Quiz Explained

It’s a 20-question personality test that discovers what your red flags are in a relationship. You may use it to find out things that can lead you to break up with a romantic partner without ever looking back.

Red flags are behaviors or thoughts that one might consider dangerous, unattractive, or abusive. The goal of the quiz is to identify yours after analyzing your opinions, decisions, and experiences.

It’s can also be helpful for individuals who overthink things like, “Should I break up with my boyfriend or girlfriend?” If your current partner’s behaviors match the result of the red flag quiz, then it might the time to say goodbye.

Here’s How the Test Works

The test has three main segments to look into your dating type, standards, and previous romance experiences. Each section includes several questions that require self-report, and choose the items that make the most sense to you.

Step #1: Getting to know your dating profile.

The premise of the quiz is to determine what your red flags are. So, the first segment focuses on getting to know your romantic decisions. We would like to know what type of person you’d date and why. The info helps us finetune the results and see your danger signs more accurately.

Step #2: Analyzing your values and standards.

Have you ever wondered how your taste is in men or women? We have. And that’s why the second segment of the red flag test includes questions about your standards, expectations, and desires. It’s essential to know how you evaluate and analyze your potential partner(s).

Step #3: Reviewing your past relationships.

Most people break up and split ways after spotting a couple of unbearable red flags. So, what you’ve been through with your exes can actually reveal what danger signs scare you off. The quiz includes a section that examines your relationships without forcing you to give away any personal information or details.

Step #4: Determining your red flags.

The final stage is where you see a customized list of warning signs that you’d not want to see in your partner. Plus, your results include a comprehensive breakdown of your personality type explaining why specific behaviors are such a huge turn-off or no-no to you.

Why Does It Matter to Know What Your Red Flag is?

Every relationship feels like a lottery ticket when you’re not aware of your red flags. You invest in it without having a clue how it’s going to turn out. It’s crucial to know what you don’t want in a romantic partner as it’s with the features you do. The key to avoiding toxic or abusive relationships is filtering the potential partners, picking the one that deserves the time and energy you’d put into the relationship. And knowing your red flags helps with that.

5 Examples of Warning Signs You Might be Watching for

Sometimes, a toxic partner might make you self-question, “Am I being manipulated?” But if that’s the case, you’ve clearly missed some of the biggest red flags along the way. The following list of signs might give you an idea of what you need to be careful about and keep an eye on.

Jealousy and obsession

A romantic partner who cannot help their jealousy or the one who has made it to the center of their life is not trustworthy. You may think that it’s a sign of affection. But it’s not. A jealous or obsessed partner will only try to possess you and treat you like property.

Aggression and impulsiveness

Violence, physical abuse, and unpredictable anger issues should be everyone’s red flag. Forgiving a partner who has hurt you or someone innocent is like signing for a manipulative relationship. You should break up with an aggressive and impulsive partner as soon as possible and seek help if they continue threatening you.

Neediness and lack of maturity

Not many people would pick neediness as a danger sign when asked, “What is your red flag?” And that’s because some subcultures are trying to make it look cute. Especially when it comes to girls, there’s a false belief that they’re lovelier when they rely entirely on their partner, even for the most basic things. But such immature behaviors must be on your no-no list—unless you intentionally want to date a person with a mommy or daddy issue.

Commitment issues

If you ask random people what your red flag is, most would say cheating or lack of commitment. And they have all the right to think so. A partner who doesn’t value your relationship and is always looking for better opportunities doesn’t deserve your time and effort.

Financial dependency

Our red flag quiz data shows that more people are worried about the socioeconomic status of their partners. The general desire is to date a financially independent and stable partner. That’s a positive change as previously, the pressure of being economically stable mainly was on men. But it’s not like that anymore.

Things to Know Before the ‘What’s Your Red Flag Quiz’

The test’s primary goal is to help you review and (maybe) rethink your values and standards. It’s not designed to spot any red flags for you. So, it’s important to note that it’s you who needs to figure these things out about your partner. Here are a couple of things we’d like you to know before the quiz.

It’s not always about what your partner does.

Sometimes, a toxic partner might not necessarily do anything horrible. But not doing anything and remaining passive to what’s going on is also a red flag. So, don’t close your eyes to things your romantic partner avoids doing because they’re important, too.

Not all red flags are a breakup sign.

It’s a good thing to know what your red flag is. But you should be careful with that. Not all of them are a solid reason to break up with a potentially good partner. Things like financial dependency can be improved quickly, especially when you know that your partner is working on it.

Communication matters.

Let your partner or date know if you are worried about something and think they’re evoking your red flags. If they’re not capable of communicating and discussing the issue, then you can be sure that they’re not the one. However, if they listen to your concerns and explain themselves, you might end up changing things for the better and move on.


The ‘What Is Your Red Flag Quiz’ is not a relationship advice test. The sole purpose is to help you review your danger signs in a romantic affair and rethink them if necessary.