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Are you okay with lying to your friends? 5

  • No, I never Lie to anyone

  • It’s not okay, but you can’t avoid it

  • Sometimes you should do it

  • I think it’s okay


Question: Are you okay with lying to your friends?

Quiz: Quiz: Why Do People Hate Me? Maybe You Are 100% Wrong!

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You may ask yourself, “why do people hate me?”. But what if you are totally wrong? This quiz will reveal if you are a hated one and the reasons.

Some facts why people hate you

If you look closer at how you act in front of people, you may get an answer to your question. Maybe there is something in your acts that make people don’t want to be around you or even how you talk.

But don’t get it personal too soon; you can be a good person and still be hated by them, and you should have seen it coming or happening to others. Some people find just hard to swallow pills, and even though they did nothing wrong, they can’t stand them.

If you think that there are so many signs everyone hates you, then you should look at yourself first to see how you act in front of people. This kind of feeling happens all the time, especially at a young age and between students.

Being too good!

Sometimes you just ask yourself why everyone hates me at school; this feeling is familiar with popular kids at school when they think they did something wrong and everyone hates them.

There are a lot of times that you get hatred not because you did anything or you said something, it’s because you are better than the people who don’t like you, and there is that old saying: they hate you because they ain’t you.

Even if you are a good student at the school, you may get hated because you are a good student and get A+ on your tests. Unfortunately, you may even get bullied at school. But be aware, this kind of hatred is not suitable for you, and you should tell your parents about this bully.


One of the more common reasons for hating someone is when everyone detects them to be a liar. People don’t like it when someone lies to them, and if you are one of them, you should stop lying to people around you. What’s the point of lying when nobody wants to be around you?

Being straightforward

One group who get hated the most are the honest, direct persons who can’t hold anything within, and if they see something, they tell the truth about it, and they tend not to get pleased with this kind of behavior.

Past problems

Many say I try to be nice, but everyone hates me. If you are genuinely trying to be a nice person, but everyone still doesn’t like you, then there may be something you did in the past that was far from the red line, or someone is talking behind your back.

Destroying trust

People may not like somebody when they realize they got stabbed in the back and someone ruins their trust. Maybe you destroyed someone’s trust without knowing it or even knowing it. Trust is critical, and if you don’t care about your friends’ trust, people start liking you less than before.

Are you sure you are hated? Let’s find out.

You even maybe wrong; there are a lot of times in life when you think everything is going wrong and nobody likes you, which is okay. Tough times happen, and you should always be ready when they come. Whatever that is, you think about everyone’s feelings about you. In this quiz, you will discover why they don’t like you. In the end, you may even be wrong and misunderstand people’s feelings about you.

Answer 20 questions in this quiz to get an answer; good luck with the quiz.