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Question: Which one of these products even out the skin?

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You can test your makeup knowledge by answering the questions of this quiz. Are you a professional? How much do you know about the methods and the makeup tools? Challenge yourself!

Nowadays the use of various cosmetics is very popular, but it is a serious matter how to choose the right cosmetics that do not cause serious harm to the skin. Now in this article, we refer to a number of makeup tools.

Makeup Primer

Primer enhances the durability of face makeup, especially in hot, humid weather. Some versions add color correction, pores shrinkage, and sparkle.


The use of foundation is one of the first steps in facial makeup that aims to smooth the skin and prepare for the next steps, and its use has a great effect on a perfect and beautiful makeup.

Setting powder

Setting powders are one of the emulsion-based toiletries that are applied to the skin with a sponge. The cream of semi-oily powders has high coverage.

Black Mascara

It can darken, thicken, lengthen, and define eyelashes. And this mascara makes your eyes look attractive on special occasions.

Concealer Kit

It eliminates problems on the skin such as darkening of the eyes, redness of the nose and pimples and stains,  and under-eye circles It also comes in 15 shades.

Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter

Applying blusher and bronzer can help give your cheeks a perfect amount of color and shine.


If anyone is interested in thick makeup, it is best to use lighter lipstick colors, and if you have a brighter complexion, you can opt for darker, more distinctive lip colors.

Flexible Hair Spray

This spray protects your hairstyle for a long time and makes it easy for you to attend parties without having to worry.

Eye Cream

The eye cream is similar in appearance to anti-wrinkle creams and is only less concentrated due to the thinning and delicate skin around the eyes.

Setting Spray

These sprays are made of polymeric materials to fix the makeup. It is a fact that you should not use a fixative in daily makeup because daily use of this makeup can be very harmful to you