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How do you feel when you look in the mirror in the mornings?
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Question 1: How do you feel when you look in the mirror in the mornings?

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If you rapidly ask yourself, will I ever find love? These 20 questions reveal the answer. It is the most accurate quiz for anyone searching for true love.

What Does the Test Do?

The Will I Ever Find Love quiz (aka When Will I Find Love Test) assesses your personality, status, and lifestyle. The goal is to estimate the possibility of meeting the love of your life based on such factors. While no estimation is 100% accurate, the questionary does its best to calculate your love life chances.

Note: You need to answer all the questions honestly to get the most precise result.

Things to Know Before Taking the Will I Ever Find Love Quiz

No test or online quiz has psychic powers to tell you when you will meet your soulmate or spouse. However, a standard questionary can make it easier for you to stop worrying and asking, “will I ever find love?”

Here are two additional things to have in mind before starting the test.

It is a personality test that focuses on you.

We are not interested to know when or why did your last relationship end. This quiz considers the most crucial things a person needs to meet the perfect match. So, all questions are about you and how you perceive yourself. You can take our compatibility test if you want to assess your current relationships.

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

It is a true love quiz—and not a tarot game. So, you will not end up getting a yes or no answer. The results of the test are far more detailed and practical than that. (Give it a try to see for yourself).

Your Self-Love Level Reveals When You Will Find Your True Love

Most online quizzes focus on your expectations and romantic experiences. And that makes them inaccurate. But the When Will I Find Love Quiz on this page is a self-love assessment. That is because relationship experts unanimously agree those who love themselves are more likely to find true love.

Tracy McMillan, author of the book Why You’re Not Married…Yet, believes committing yourself is everything. She proposed the idea of marrying yourself in a TEDx Talk in 2014. She suggested that if you want to find true love, find yourself and love yourself in advance.

That is the basis of our Will I Ever Find Love quiz. All the questions are meant to reveal how friendly you are towards your personality. The kinder you are to yourself, the more likely it is to find your soulmate.

Taking the “Will I Ever Find Love Quiz” Helps – But There Is a Catch

Finding or meeting your future spouse or soulmate is not a game. So, while it is a good idea to assess your amour-propre with a quiz, it is not smart to rely on the results. You should not wait for the imaginary prince or princess because the test says you will find your love.

Why Some Are Constantly Like, When Will I Find Love?

Experts claim there are four primary reasons why some people worry about finding true love. Peer and social pressure, lack of self-esteem, comparison to others, and paradox. Below you can read more about each element and how it affects your views of romance.

(1) Peer and Social Pressure

Several studies show that in most societies, the young feel pressure to marry as soon as possible. That leads them to worry if they will ever find true love or not. A 2017 set of interviews conducted by Fatima Mukaddam showed that “unmarried women feel ‘judged’ and ‘scrutinized’ because of their marital status. Besides, the interviewees argued the older one becomes, individuals are ‘looked down on’ as members of society assume there is something wrong with them because they are unmarried.”

That is one of the main reasons why many feel stressed or pressured to find the right person.

(2) Lack of Self-Esteem

You will not find the love of your life if you do not value yourself. Those who think they do not deserve a happy life usually end up worrying future. They are more likely to be like, “When will I find love?” or “Will I ever find it?”


(3) Comparison to Others

If you are still dreaming of things that “could” happen to you, finding love is not going to be easy. If you are one of those who spend most of their time envying others’ relationships, things might not end up well. One of the reasons why many worry about the future of their love life is the constant comparison to others. They act as if finding the one equals winning the game—but life is not a game.

(4) Paradox of Choice

Barry Schwartz introduced the idea of “More is Less” in 2004. He claimed that more choices and expanded freedom of choice restrict your selections. People who excessively worry about, “when will I find true love?” are sometimes suffering from the same paradox. They face so many good options and proper candidates that they do not know what to do. So, they wait until they find the PERFECT match—who never shows up because it does not exist.

5 Signs You Will Find Love in 2021

Taking the When Will I Find Love quiz is an excellent way to ease your stress. But you do not have to. If you have the following features, you will discover true affection.

You are not looking in the wrong place.

Is your significant other hidden in the bars? Or are they among your best friends? The thing is that you never know. We meet people in the most unexpected ways. Those who are ready to meet new people have a better chance of discovering their true sweetheart or soulmate.

You give enough chance to others.

Life is not like Tinder. You should not reject people before getting to know them—unless they are toxic or dangerous.

You love yourself.

One of the preconditions of finding your soulmate is to like and value yourself. Otherwise, you will end up having abusive individuals around you who manipulate you in the name of L.O.V.E.

You are not stuck in your previous relationships.

If you have moved on, you are more likely to meet the right person. Those who compare their new relationships to the previous ones are mostly dissatisfied with their romance no matter what.

You are not pushing yourself to find love.

Are you unstoppably asking, “when will I find true love?” If yes, you are not likely to discover it. That is because you are pushing yourself to do something that requires time, effort, and care. It is not like a jackpot or gamble. So, worrying about your bad luck or praying for a perfect partner will not help.

Questions to Ask Instead of “Will I Ever Find Love?”

You have many important things to think about before your perfect match. Here are three primary questions you should ask yourself if you want to find the most reliable partner.

Question #1: Do I Value Myself?

If you are a worthless person in your eyes, no one will admire or love you as you wish. So, question your self-value before asking someone else to prove it to you.

Question #2: What Do I Want from a Relationship?

Instead of worrying about things like when you will find love, think about your expectations. What are you looking for? What are you going to do after you found it?

Question #3: Do I Know Myself?

Many people pretend to be someone else to be liked or adored. The thing is that such an approach never helps with finding true love. You should know who you are and show your possible significant other the same person. That is the only way you can ensure they fell in love with you—not a fictional character.

Expert Tips on How to Stop Asking “Will I Ever Find Love?”

The truth is we all ask such questions. And that is okay. But you need to stop obsessing over such issues before they damage your life. Here are two pieces of expert advice on how to stop worrying about when you will find love or meet your significant other.

Tracy McMillan, a well-known relationship author, says, “you have to marry yourself first.” You cannot ensure whether you will meet the love of your life before that. She claims, “the thing about marrying yourself is that it’s not just like cohabiting for a while to see what happens. You are going to do this until you die.”

By marrying yourself, you accept never letting your hand go even if you are poor, sick, unhappy, moody, or ugly. And that is why people who marry themselves stop asking when will I find love—because they already did.

Alexandre Redcay is an expert consultant in establishing healthy relationships. In her TED Talk, she offered three steps to stop overthinking finding true love and replace it with healthy thoughts.

Step #1: Open yourself to self-assessment. And never forget that you are prone to making wrong choices.

Step #2: Get to know yourself. You can find a reliable date if you have no idea who you are.

Step #3: Do not neglect the red flags. If the person is showing signs of being a toxic or abusive individual, end the relationship. Do not hold onto a broken relationship because you are afraid of not finding real love in your life—because you will.