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    I love everything about the show.

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    I like the magic.

  • c

    I love the MLP characters.

  • d

    I enjoy the adventures.

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    I love the ponies' relationships.

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    I don't like anything about the show.

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    Meh, I'm not sure what I like about it.


Question 1: What is your favorite thing about the My Little Pony universe?

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Which My Little Pony character am I? Take this MLP quiz that reviews your personality and reveals if you are Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack, or else.

Discover Your My Little Pony Character with a Lovely Quiz

The MLP character test is a set of 20 entertaining questions inspired by the events of Equestria. Its goal is to identify which of Generation 4 or 5 ponies have the same characteristics as you.

Like the Winx Club Character Quiz, the test matches your strengths and weaknesses to those of the show’s characters, quickly finding your perfect match.

Take a family-friendly test to meet your pony self.

The questionnaire is not age-restricted, and anyone can enjoy it regardless of their age.

MLP, with its nine memorable seasons, is a nostalgic part of many people’s childhood. But now that it’s finally coming to an end, we decided to create a family-friendly tribute test that everyone could participate in and honor their memories.

Find out which family you belong to.

Are you a member of the Apple Clan? Are you a Rich pony? What about the Shy, Pie, or Cake family? Which one do you belong to? Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer; the quiz will identify your pony family based on your behaviors and traits.

See your Cutie Mark.

By the end of the questionnaire, you know your Cutie Mark and its meaning. We let you know if you are a Blank Flank or a mature pony with a recognized mark.

For some fans, it’s more than a simple question like, “Which My Little Pony character am I?” They want to know every detail about their MLP counterpart. And the good news is that we got those hardcore fans covered as well.

Let us reveal if you’re a royalty, celebrity, or maybe an antagonist.

Not every ponies are the same. Some belong to royalty families, some are famous, and others are evil. So, we will also try to expose your true personality by categorizing you into one of these groups. Your decisions and opinions will determine if you are a royalty, celebrity, or antagonist pony.

Bonus: The Quiz Includes Spin-Off Characters too

Do you want to know which Crystal Prep Academy student is your counterpart? We’ve included a list of beloved Equestria Girls so you know what kind of anthropomorphized pony you could be.

No other quiz can match you with the show’s spin-offs. But we did our best to make it the best MLP personality test ever. And we couldn’t achieve that without covering Crystal Prep girls.

How to Know Which My Little Pony Character You Are

The show’s official fandom has specific pages for each character, explaining their personality and traits. So, one way to find your match is by reading the breakdowns until you see a pony that you relate to on a deeper level. But remember, it’s the most time-consuming method to meet your MLP counterpart.

#1. Pinkie Pie

As one of the main Gen-4 ponies, Pinkie is a party-loving and somewhat cartoonish character who’s also quite insecure. Fans can’t get enough of her cute reactions when facing an awkward social situation. And she remains to be one of the most popular MLP girls of all time.

#2. Rainbow Dash

She is a competitive pony who’s always up for a challenge. But Rainbow has proven to be incredibly loyal to her friends to the point where she refused to join Wonderbolts despite being their biggest fan. She’s also known to be a bit of a troublemaker, not thinking about the consequences of her actions.

#3. Applejack

She’s a courageous, independent, and well-mannered pony. Applejack’s personality is mature and hardworking. Many fans would pick her when asked, “Which My Little Pony character are you?” It’s because she’s strong, reliable, and responsible.

MLP Character Trait
Applejack Hardworking
Rainbow Dash Competitive
Pinkie Pie Insecure
Twilight Sparkle Intelligent
Maud Pie Indifferent


Other MLP characters.

My Little Pony has introduced over 100 ponies throughout its 221 episodes. So, it’d be pretty challenging to find your match on your own—unless you have enough time to rewatch all the episodes or read every character description on the show’s fandom.

So, we recommend you try the test instead of looking for your counterpart. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way of meeting your pony self. Plus, it’s pretty time-friendly. You’ll discover your soulmate in less than 5 minutes.

Why Fans Want to Know Which Pony They Are

Little ponies in the show have colorful personalities that make you wonder which one you represent in real life.

MLP fans have long been asking questions like, “Which character am I?” And they’ve tried different ways to get a reliable answer. But no method has been as accurate as a persona quiz. And now that more online tests are available, fans are even more curious to know what characteristics they share with the show’s cute ponies.


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