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What’s the worst kind of ghost?
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    Dumb and goofy

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    Loud and annoying


Question 1: What’s the worst kind of ghost?

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Which ghost cop from the Ghostbusters franchise are you? Take this personality quiz to meet your Paranormal Investigator persona.

Since the first Ghostbusters film hit the screens in 1984, it’s been a beloved pick among sci-fi enthusiasts. With the release of the latest installment, Frozen Empire, we figured there’s no better moment to unveil your Ghostbuster character. (Think of it as a tiny little celebration of the franchise’s 40th anniversary.)

In a nutshell, the fifteen questions ahead reveal which Paranormal Investigator from the Ghostbusters universe matches your personality. We’ve delved into the iconic personalities—from the OG crew like Pete, Winston, Egon, and Ray to the newcomers like Phoebe, Podcast, Lucky, and Trevor.

Here’s the breakdown: The following are the MBTI types of the main characters from all four canonical installments—and the 2016 reboot:

  • Peter Venkman: ENTP
  • Egon Spengler: INTP
  • Raymond ‘Ray’ Stantz: INFP
  • Winston Zeddemore: ESTJ
  • Phoebe Spengler: INTP
  • Podcast: ENFP
  • Lucky Domingo: ESTP
  • Trevor: ISFP

If the MBTI types weren’t sufficient to uncover your match, take the test. Our Ghostbusters Quiz is crafted to assess your traits alongside those of the franchise’s main characters, pinpointing the most similar one(s) for you.

And if you’re a fan of nostalgic sci-fi franchises, why not give our Dune Character Quiz a shot? (Sure, the movies might be recent, but with the books having been around for ages, it definitely qualifies as a nostalgic test.)


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