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Describe the perfect morning.
  • a

    Sunny and energetic

  • b

    Calm and slow

  • c

    Cloudy and (a bit) gloomy

  • d

    Stormy and adventurous


Question 1: Describe the perfect morning.

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This Bird Personality Quiz reveals which exotic garden bird you resemble in real life.

Unless you’re really into birdwatching, you might not have thought about comparing your personality to an exotic garden bird. But guess what? Those adorable little feathered friends actually have some pretty unique personalities that might just match yours. Our Bird Personality Quiz is here to uncover those subtle similarities between you and some of the rarest garden birdies out there. We’re talking Toucans, Sunbirds, Lorikeets, and all sorts of other crazy rare birds.

If you’re curious about your bird personality, check out the table below. It’ll show you which creature matches up with your MBTI type.

MBTI Type Matching Bird
ISTJ Secretarybird
ISFJ Gouldian Finch
INFJ Lilac Breasted Roller
INTJ Kookaburra
ISTP Crimson Rosella
ISFP Victoria Crowned Pigeon
INFP Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise
INTP Andean Cock-of-the-Rock
ESTJ Red-billed Chough
ESFJ Scarlet Macaw
ENFJ Eclectus Parrot
ENTP Blue-throated Barbet
ESTP White-necked Jacobin
ESFP Rainbow Lorikeet
ENFP Himalayan Monal
ENTP Toucan


Note: We put together the table above by looking at the typical behaviors of garden birds and matching them with the attributes of MBTI types. For a more detailed analysis, we suggest taking the test instead.

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