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Are you overthinking, “what dog should I get?” Our ultimate dog breed quiz discovers which puppy or adult breed is right for you in less than 5 minutes.

Explaining What Dog Should I Get Quiz

It is a self-report test to discover what dog breed is best for you. The questions focus on your lifestyle, budget, interests, and other considerations. The goal is to see which pet fits you best. That is why it is also known as the dog breed selector test.

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What Factors Does the Dog Breed Selector Quiz Use?

Getting a new puppy is complicated. You need to consider many factors such as your space, time, money, other pets, children, and so on. However, the What Dog Should I Get quiz uses the top three matters: your way of life, your expenses, and things you like. More on this below.

Understanding Your Lifestyle

The first stage of the What Dog Should I Get quiz is about your routine and standard of living. Getting a new pet affects your everyday life. And the way you spend your day affects your pet’s life. So, it is important to find a breed that adapts to the environment as soon as possible.

Analyzing Your Budget

Becoming a pet parent is expensive. You need to buy lots of toys, tools, and food. And the vet bills will be waiting for you from the very first day. According to Spruce Pets, owning a dog on average costs $125 to $824 per month. So, it is essential to set a budget in advance.

Taking Your Interests into Account

Do not forget that you are about to select your new best friend. So, your desires and wishes should be an important part of the whole process. We investigate your wants and requests to offer the most suitable breed in the results during the What Dog Should Get quiz.

Zack George on “What Dog Should I Get?”

Zack is the author of a best-selling book called the Dog Training Revolution. He also runs a namesake YouTube channel—with nearly four million subscribers. When asked, “What dog fits me best?” Zack came up with a simple 4-step guide for beginners.

Step #1: Do You Want a Puppy or an Adult Dog?

Before asking, “what dog should I get?” you need to decide on its age. Are you willing to get a newborn puppy, or you prefer an adult one? According to Zack, each of the options has its pros and cons. For instance, an older pup might be potty-trained. That means you have less work training it the way you like. On the other hand, a younger one would be ready for your specific training—so, you can teach it as you wish.

Step #2: Choose a Dog Energy Level That Matches Your Lifestyle

A What Dog Should I Get quiz is not able to predict a pup’s energy level. Zack is the one who came up with the “energy level” idea. He believes that there are three primary levels of liveliness when it comes to pups. The Level-1 dogs are all about chilling and laying down somewhere cozy. The Level-2 ones need some adrenaline and excitement once in a while. But the Level-3 puppies require the most time and attention as they are super-energetic.

Step #3: Think About the Size—Because It Matters

The What Dog Should I Get quiz tries to figure out what breed size matches your current situation. But Zack believes you should choose the size cautiously. Bigger ones might have more food expenses. That is while smaller ones might not always get along with small areas.

Step #4: Compare Mixed Breeds with Pure Ones

When it comes to the pureness of the breed, Zack thinks you can loosen things up. “The personalities and energy levels vary so wildly between all breeds of dogs and even within the same breeds,” suggests the best-seller author. He also adds, “I think pureness is probably one of the least important considerations you need to take into account.”

Things to Know About the What Dog Should I Get Quiz

Our dog breed selector quiz is the best bet for newbie pet owners. However, there are certain things you have to keep in mind before taking it.

There Is No Perfect Breed for You

No matter what dog you get, it comes with its difficulties. So, the What Dog Should Get quiz’s point is not to find the perfect puppy for you. That is because it does not exist. We are here to suggest the most fitting options you have based on your lifestyle and desires. So, you need to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges.

You Need to Be Trained—No Matter What

As the legendary dog trainer Cesar Millan says, “we humans need to be trained. So, it is not about the dog. It is the human behind it.” Getting a new pup is like adding a new member to your family. You will have to learn so much new stuff and face lots of different obstacles.

You Should Always Consult a Professional in Advance

Taking the What Dog Should I Get quiz is not enough. You have to talk to a dog breeder or trainer to help you with your new pet. It is always a good idea to tell your advisor that you are a newbie (if you are one). That way, they can help you get your head around the essential information right away.

You Are Now Ready to Take the Test

With all the information you have as of now, it is about time to take the puppy breed selector quiz. The results will show you what type of pet suits you the best—and what do the top trainers suggest to people like you. So, let’s go.