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Are you satisfied with the money you make right now?
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Question 1: Are you satisfied with the money you make right now?

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Has it become a thing for you to ask others, “Should I quit my job?” Do you feel like quitting your job is worth it? Take a 20-question quiz to find it out.

Should I Quit My Job? Take a Test to Find Out

The test on this page investigates your current work’s conditions to answer questions about leaving it. The quiz has two sections. During the first part, you answer questions about your salary, working hours, lifestyle, environment, and commutation. In the second part, you face questions about your emotions, mentality, dreams, plans, and wishes. We analyze your responses to determine whether you should quit your current job or not.

If you are still trying to figure out what to do with your life, you can take the “What Should I Major In?” quiz on QuizExpo. It helps you discover how to plan for your future career through education.

Most People Are Like, “Should I Quit My Job?” After the Pandemic

According to a 2020 survey by Microsoft, more than 40% of workers globally are considering leaving their jobs this year. The whole COVID-19 situation and the progress of working from home have changed people’s minds about their work. It is now easier to think about quitting your job or starting your own business, as most people go through a full or semi-layoff process.

What Do Gurus Say About Quitting Your Job?

You would probably love to have a coach or guru answer your questions about abandoning your career. So, here is what reliable experts want you to know when it comes to quitting your job.

Jordan Peterson on When You Should Quit Your Job

The 58-year-old professor of psychology believes, “You are paying the price by sitting there and being miserable. The clock is ticking, and if you are miserable in your job now and you change nothing in five years, you will be much more miserable and a lot older.” Peterson suggests that “It is a luxury to pursue what makes you happy. But it is a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful.”

When asked. “when should we quit our jobs?” He said, “When you cannot bargain. If you cannot bargain, you are a slave.” And that is a sign you have to leave immediately.

Gary Vaynerchuk on When to Go in

Garyvee is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Internet personality. He says, “you should quit your job and go in when you can afford it.” Gary uses the example of a 21-year-old person who leaves with their parents. He says that you can take big risks and jump in the water while being prepared to get drowned. That is when you can still afford failure. But even if you want to go all-in at your 30s or 40s, the only thing is that you need to be prepared.

Vanessa Lau on What Quitting Your Job Means

She describes herself as a corporate escapee who turned into a 7-figure CEO. Vanessa quit her job in 2017 to pursue her dreams and start her business. She says, “Quitting takes a lot of courage.” Especially when you have a successful career, you are afraid of letting it go. However, Vanessa believes only the brave ones can leave their nine-to-five to pursue something bigger—or something that makes them feel good regardless of its financial aspects.

5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately

What are the red flags? When exactly should I quit my job? What am I waiting for? Well, if you are struggling with one or more of the following issues, it is time to head out of the office—and never to come back again.

Bryan Creely, a corporate recruiter with 20+ years of experience working with Amazon, suggests the following five red flags.

Suffering Emotional or Physically

According to Bryan, “Working in a role where you are affected mentally and physically is a surefire sign that you need to get out—QUICK.”

Having a Terrible Boss

Bryan also suggests that “The dissatisfaction of working for a terrible boss is the number one motivator to get people to look for other opportunities.”

Toxic Work Culture or Environment

When it comes to the working environment, the recruiting expert says, “If your company is a win-at-all-cost mentality, that is a sign of toxic work culture.” And you are not obligated to get along with such ideologies.

Illegal Activities

For many workers, questions such as “should I quit my job?” pop up when they encounter shady stuff in their company. Bryan believes, “Whether it is shady financing or some questionable environmental policies, etc., you need to be very careful.”

Safety Concerns

“Unfortunately, there are companies out there that skirt the lines of what is allowable. All in the name of making the most money and getting the job done as soon as possible” said the well-known recruiter and career coach. So, keep in mind that safety is not negotiable. And you should quit your job if the company or manager does not care for your well-being.

Here’s Why You Cannot Find the Answer

Take a Should You Quit Your Job test is a good way to get an answer. But there must be a reason why questions like that are stuck in your mind. Here are some reasons why you are confused about your career and professional future.

Reason #1: You Feel Like You Owe Your Job

For some people, leaving their first job is a moral decision. Sometimes, they feel like it is a betrayal to turn your back to the first people who trusted in you. For others, it is even more complicated—and they feel like their coworkers are part of their family. So, it might be such feelings of belonging that hold you back.

Reason #2: You Are Making Lots of Money

It is relatively challenging for top-earning workers to answer, “Should I quit my job?” They think it is stupid to leave a well-paying job to start your business or pursue a new career.

Reason #3: You Are Afraid of Failure

The chances are good that quitting your job will be difficult. Most people struggle with this before leaving their careers. One of the main reasons some are stuck with the “should I quit my job?” situation is that they are afraid of losing everything.

Questions to Ask Before “Should I Quit My Job?”

If you do not gamble on your career, here are things to consider in advance.

Why Do I Want to Quit My Job?

“Am I quitting my job because of depression?” or “Is it because I need to change my life?” You should challenge your decisions before pursuing them. If you feel like it is more of an impulsive choice, give it some time. If you are 100% sure about what to do, then why wait?

Am I Ready?

Quitting your job takes more than emotional and mental effort. You need to be financially ready to afford the lack of income, at least for the first few months. OR, you should already prepare everything for a quick transition to a new job and get paid as soon as possible.

How Am I Going to Quit My Job?

Having a plan is always better than going cold turkey. You should consider the possible scenarios after quitting your job and prepare yourself for them. This does not mean you have to predict the future—because that is not possible—but it is wise to avoid any impulsive actions when it comes to your career.

Still Wondering, “Should I Quit My Job?”

Take the quiz on this page to make up your mind in less than five minutes. You are in charge of the results the whole time. And we will use your sheer opinion to come up with a legitimate answer about you and your career. Let’s go!