Find your personality by the food you eat

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Question: Which one do you prefer for your breakfast?

Quiz: Discover secret of your personality based on the food you eat

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Do you know that foods can reveal your personality?
Answer these 7 questions to find out your personality. By answering these questions you will know if you are “Thrill Seeker”, “Extrovert”, “Conscientious”, “Romantic” or “Honest”.

Nowadays, we live in a consumer society and can access a variety of foods effortlessly. For having a healthy body, we need to have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, control our weight and exercise regularly, All of which requires sufficient knowledge and information. According to scientists, there is a strange and interesting relationship between a person’s characteristics and their eating habits. There are five different personalities that influence one’s eating habits, neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness

Many people find eating to be the only factor in their mental relief when they are stressed or in a bad mood, and therefore consume a heavy and high-calorie meal daily, so they are emotional eaters.

Some personality based on foods


Neuroticisms are very fond of eating out of the house and usually eat high-calorie and sweet foods.


Extroverts always eat several times a day and prefer to eat with friends outside the home. They usually participate in groups that all consume high-calorie foods like sweets and salty meals, meat, and soft drinks.


High openness people consume a lot of fruit, vegetable, salad, and low meat and soft drink.


High agreeableness people eat a low amount of meat.


These people are very fond of eating fruits and vegetables and avoid eating sweets and salty foods. They restrict eating meat and try to eat less outside the home, also by reducing emotional eating. And by doing this, they help maintain the health of their bodies and strive to live a great life.

These are a few interesting facts that show that there are some connections between a person’s personality type and meal preferences. While this requires a lot of research and investigation, but with all the information available, we can change our lifestyle and eating habits and enjoy life. If we want to make a significant lifestyle change, such as moving to a healthier diet, it helps to understand why we are being taken to some foods.